Synopsis - We Were There

War Veterans PicturesMore than 65 years have passed since 16 million Unites States citizens were called to service in the Second World War. Each day approximately 1,000 of these brave men and women pass into history, many taking countless untold stories with them.
We Were There is a feature-length documentary film chronicling the firsthand wartime experiences of 21 remarkable World War II veterans. While reluctant to share in the past, they now enter candid conversations revealing their individual experiences of duty, courage, and sacrifice.

The film opens with memories of the unprovoked attack at Pearl Harbor and the unprecedented mobilization of unified Americans. Guided by their timeless words, a journey unfolds through the devastating battles of Europe, the determined Pacific invasions, and eventually the celebrated victories over Axis forces.

We Were There Veteran SpeaksThe cinematic presentation affords members of America’s greatest generation, most in their late 80's and early 90's, the opportunity to paint a harrowing portrait of words. While the world events of the 1940’s shape and direct this film, it is the men and women recalling the specific details who take center stage. The lives and experiences of these hard working Americans quickly become the heart of this riveting independent documentary.

Encounter the truths and sacrifices of World War II straight from those who earned the right to say We Were There.